We make it simple.

There are few things more complex and confusing than the federal tax code. Fortunately, JRBT knows how to make the complex simple for our clients. We get to know the unique tax requirements of your business. We stay up to date on the latest federal tax reforms. And we deftly manage the aggressive tax law enforcement by states. All to ensure tax compliance, limit your tax burden, enhance your financial position, and bring you real peace of mind.

Look to JRBT for:

  • Compliance Services—We can calculate the tax impact of multiple scenarios and prepare the best possible return to meet corporate, estate & gift, individual, state, partnership, fiduciary, and exempt organization tax obligations.
  • Income & Estate Tax Planning—We work to maximize the amount of cash and value your family retains.
  • Requests for IRS Rulings—We work to avoid future IRS controversies by getting a ruling on prospective courses of action ahead of time.
  • Tax Examination Support—We respond to tax examiners questions and expedite resolutions
  • Financial Planning—From your child’s education to your retirement, JRBT can help you plan for success
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