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Size of charitable deductions depends on many factors

Whether you’re claiming charitable deductions on your 2017 return or planning your donations for 2018, be sure you know how much you’re allowed to deduct. Your deduction depends on more than just the actual amount you donate.

Type of gift

One of the biggest factors affecting your deduction is what you give:

Insuring Drivers who Drive their Own Cars

In many companies, employees drive during the course of their jobs — to make deliveries, call on customers or pick up supplies. In some cases, they use their own cars, which can offer you several advantages, including that you don't:

    • Have to maintain a fleet
    • Worry about non-employees driving the cars, and the employee's personal auto liability policy provides the first layer of liability coverage.
    • Have to account for personal versus business use of the car, making your accounting simpler. Many employers reimburse employees for their mileage at the current IRS standard rate (54.5 cents a mile for 2018, up from 53.5 cents a mile in 2017).

The Lowdown on those Free Credit Scores

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 provided individuals with valuable rights to the credit information companies keep on them, but did you know that the credit score provided to you may be different than the one provided to lenders?

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