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Know your rights as a taxpayer

Did you know that as a taxpayer you have certain rights that are outlined and available to you in the "Taxpayer Bill of Rights?" In a 2012 taxpayer survey, only 46 percent of participants indicated that they believed they had rights before the IRS. The fact that so many taxpayers were unaware of their rights was one of the reasons the IRS worked to bring the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to American taxpayers in 2015. The Bill includes these ten basic rights.

4 warning signs of business failure

According to the Small Business Administration, about half of all newly established businesses last five years or more. Only a third survive to the ten-year mark. For a variety of reasons, companies that possess the stamina and skill to endure the early years of growth sometimes flounder as the business matures. Why? In all too many cases, business owners disregard four warning signs.

How much mortgage can you afford?

In this economy, if you have good credit, a steady job, and several thousand dollars for a down payment, you'll likely find a financial institution willing to lend you money for a mortgage. Simply fill in the blanks in an online mortgage affordability calculator to get a ballpark estimate of how much you may be able to borrow.

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