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Real estate professionals: Avoid passive activity losses

The rules that define real estate activities for tax purposes can be confusing. Is the real estate business you conduct considered passive activity or could you be defined as a real estate professional?

Avoid these common mistakes made by business start-ups

Although most small businesses fail in the first year of operation, business survival rates tend to improve as a company ages. According to the Small Business Administration, about two-thirds of businesses with employees survive at least two years. About half make it through the first five years. You can increase your odds of weathering those initial start-up years by avoiding a few all-too-common mistakes.

Spend less and save more by changing a few old habits

For most people, wealth accumulation is a long-term proposition. If you're counting on the lottery to fund your retirement or hoping an unforeseen windfall will put your kids through college, it might be time to reconsider. Instead, take a hard look at your current saving and spending habits.

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