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Tax Tip of the Week
July 27, 2015

Plan for your required minimum distributions - Are you ready to begin taking required minimum distributions from your traditional IRA this year? Here are three facts to plan for. . . . . Read the full story

Business Tip of the Month
July 2015

Pay attention to storage costs and ways to reduce them - Reducing the cost of storage — especially the expense of stockpiling operational records, inventory, and raw materials — can be a real challenge for any business. Dilemmas abound: What records should be kept and for how long? When and how should the firm dispose of obsolete inventory? Should on-site or off-site storage be used? . . . . Read the full story

Financial Tip of the Month
July 2015

What's behind credit scores? - When credit cards gained popularity in the 1960s, card issuers and other lenders tried to develop a surefire methodology for assessing risk. They wanted to determine whether a potential borrower was likely to pay his or her monthly bill on time. . . . . . Read the full story


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