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Tax Tip of the Week
April 21, 2014

How to reinstate nonprofit status - When you work or volunteer at a nonprofit organization, you know the days can be hectic, and nonroutine tasks can sometimes get overlooked. If the annual requirement to file a tax return or notice with the IRS was one of those overlooked tasks, you may receive a letter revoking your organization's federal tax-exempt status. . . . . Read the full story

Business Tip of the Month
April 2014

Should your small business create a blog? - As a small business owner trying to keep shelves stocked, employees paid, and customers satisfied, why should you create a web log or "blog"? . . . . Read the full story

Financial Tip of the Month
April 2014

Outlet Malls: Do they give you a good deal? - A few years back, outlet malls had an almost seedy reputation. They tended to be located far from upscale neighborhoods and generally offered defective or second-rate goods. Nowadays, outlet stores look a lot more like their full retail counterparts. . . . . . Read the full story


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