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Tax Tip of the Week
April 14, 2014

Alimony can affect your tax return - Did you receive alimony in 2013? You're probably aware that alimony you receive is taxable income. However, determining what's considered alimony may not be as simple as it appears at first glance, because you can receive several types of payments when you divorce or separate from your spouse. . . . . Read the full story

Business Tip of the Month
April 2014

Should your small business create a blog? - As a small business owner trying to keep shelves stocked, employees paid, and customers satisfied, why should you create a web log or "blog"? . . . . Read the full story

Financial Tip of the Month
April 2014

Outlet Malls: Do they give you a good deal? - A few years back, outlet malls had an almost seedy reputation. They tended to be located far from upscale neighborhoods and generally offered defective or second-rate goods. Nowadays, outlet stores look a lot more like their full retail counterparts. . . . . . Read the full story


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